Responder Wipes are designed by a firefighter for firefighters. Our on-scene decontamination wipes are designed to be an easy, efficient means to remove soot, smoke, and other cancer-causing toxins. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. Read the reviews below to see what just a few of our customers have to say about Responder Wipes.

Forty-six members of the “A” Platoon with the Torrance Fire Department evaluated decontamination wipes from six manufacturers. The instructions for the participants directed them to personally use all six products simulating cleaning their face, neck, head, and arms as though they just completed an extensive interior fire attack with heavy smoke and heat conditions. The goal was to have the Operations personnel select and support the product that will be critical in preventing firefighter occupational cancer in the future. Responder Wipes were preferred as their first choice almost 5 to 1 in the side by side survey!


Woodland, CA Fire Department
“We tried several different products before deciding what to put on the engines, and yours is the best!”

New Braunfels, TX Fire Department
“I chose Responder Wipes because, as the chief, I place a premium on the health and wellness of my personnel.  Responder Wipes, with their larger size, make it easier for our personnel to decon following a fire, which dramatically reduces their exposure to fire related cancer-causing agents.  They are also convenient and simple to use.  In the fire service simple is always better.”

DeKalb County, GA Fire Rescue
“Using Responder Wipes definitely makes me feel more secure about my health.  I highly advocate the use of Responder Wipes for cancer risk reduction.”

Little Rock, AR Fire Department
“I used it on my neck, face and hands and it seemed to clean very well without tearing at all.  I really liked that it didn’t leave a residue on my skin like others did. I only used 1 wipe and it seemed to take care of my needs.”

Fire Rescue Institute, Valencia College
“We just wanted to tell you how great the Responder Wipes have been to all of our students and agency members.  We have been stressing the importance of decontamination over the past couple of years and the purchase of your wipes has been instrumental in that goal.   The thickness and size are perfect as well as no stickiness has brought nothing but compliments from our first responders.”

Helping firefighters remove harmful toxins and carcinogenic matter to reduce the risk
of cancer and other occupational illnesses.